George Pell

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His Eminence
George Pell
Prefect emeritus o the Secretariat for the Economy
Pell in 2012
KirkCatholic Kirk
Appointed24 Februar 2014
Term endit24 Februar 2019
SuccessorJuan Antonio Guerrero Alves
Ither postsCardinal priest o Santa Maria Domenica Mazzarello (2003–present)
Ordination16 December 1966
Consecration21 Mey 1987
bi Frank Little
Creatit Cardinal21 October 2003
bi John Paul II
RankCardinal priest
Personal details
Born8 Juin 1941(1941-06-08)
Ballarat, Victoria, Australie
Deed10 Januar 2023 (aged 81)
Vatican Ceety
Previous post
Alma mater
SloganNolite timere
("Be nae afraid")
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George Pell AC (born 8 Juin 1941; deed 10 Januar 2023) wis an Australie cardinal o the Catholic Kirk.

In 2020, the Heich Coort o Australie owerturned[1][2] the Coonty Coort o Victoria's 2018 conveection o Pell on chairges o sexual offences an set aside the orders o the Victorian Coort o Appeal rejectin appeal.[3][4][5] Pell remeens unner separate investigation bi the Haly See's Congregation for the Doctrine o the Faith for thir allegations o abuiss.

Pell dee'd on 10 Januar 2023 in Vatican Ceety, ten day efter umwhile Pape Benedict XVI.

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