Gaiman, Chubut

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Gaiman is located in Argenteinie
Location o Gaiman in Argentinae
Coordinates: 43°17′S 65°29′W / 43.283°S 65.483°W / -43.283; -65.483
27 m (89 ft)
 • Total5,753
Time zoneUTC-3 (ART)
CPA base
Dialin code+54 2965

Gaiman is a toun in the Chubut Province o Patagonie in Argentinae. It haes a population o aboot 6,000 as per the 2001 census [INDEC]. It is locatit close tae the River Chubut, aboot 15 km wast o Trelew. Gaiman is a cultural an demographic centre o the main region o Welsh dounset in Argentinae, kent in Welsh as Y Wladfa. The toun wis foondit in 1874 bi settlers frae Wales an the Central Chubut Railway arrivit in 1908 connectin it tae Trelew. Several hunder fowk in the region hae conservit the uise o the Welsh leid alangside Spanish. The 'Eisteddfod de Chubut', a Welsh cultural festival, is held here ivery October, an Welsh teahouses (tai te) are numerous. The Museo Histórico Regional (Regional Historical Museum) commemorates local history an is bilingual in Spainyie an Welsh. Thare are a nummer o Welsh Protestant chapels, o which the lairgest is Capel Bethel.

10 km (6 mi) tae the sooth o Gaiman is Bryn Gwyn, whaur a lairge nummer o fossils can be seen.

The toun's name oreeginates in an indigenous Tehuelche place-name meanin "rocky point."

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