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Gabrielle de Rochechouart

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Gabrielle de Rochechouart
Marquise o Thianges
Undated an anonymous portrait o Madame de Thianges.
Full name
Gabrielle de Rochechouart
Lussac-les-Châteaux, Fraunce
Dee'd12 September 1693 (aged 60)
Paris, Fraunce
Noble faimilyDamas (bi mairiage)
Rochechouart (bi birth)
Spoose(s)Claude Léonor Damas, Marquis o Thianges[1]
Claude Henri, Marquis o Thianges
Diane Gabrielle, Duchess o Nevers
Louise Elvide, Duchess o Sforza
FaitherGabriel de Rochechouart
MitherDiane de Grandseigne

Gabrielle de Rochechouart (1633 – 12 September 1693) wis a French noblewoman an a sister o Madame de Montespan as well as the Marshal-Duke o Vivonne.


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The eldest dochter o Gabriel de Rochechouart, Marquis o Mortemart (future Duke o Mortemart), she wis born in Lussac-les-Châteaux, in the sooth o Fraunce intae ane o the maist distinguished French noble faimilies.


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On 2 Juin 1665 "Mademoiselle de Mortemart"[2] mairit Claude Léonor Damas, Marquis o Thianges, son o Charles Damas, Coont o Thianges an o Chalencey an his wife Jeanne de La Chambre. Thay haed fower childer. As a result o her mairiage she wis kent as Madame de Thianges.

  1. Claude Henri Philibert Damas, Marquis o Thianges (1663 - 4 Januar 1708) mairit twice but nae issue.
  2. Diane Gabrielle Damas (1656 - 12 Januar 1715) mairit Philippe Jules Mancini, Duke o Nevers an haed issue.
  3. Louise Elvide Damas mairit Luigi Sforza, Duke o Ognano an o Segni, nae issue, kent as the Duchess o Sforza.
  4. Gabrielle Damas (?-c.1693) never mairit.

Titles an styles

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  • 1633 - 2 Juin 1665 "Mademoiselle de Mortemart".
  • 2 Juin 1665 - aboot 1692 The Marquise o Thianges.
  • aboot 1692 - 12 September 1693 The Dowager Marquise o Thianges.

References an notes

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  1. Gabrielle de Rochechouart
  2. As she wis known prior to her mairiage

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