Philippe Jules Mancini, Duke o Nevers

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Philippe Jules Mancini
Duke o Nevers
Philippe-Julien Mancini-Mazarini, duc de Nevers et de Donzy (1641-1707).jpg
Undated portrait of the Duke of Nevers.
Full name
Philippe Jules Mancini
Born26 Mey 1641
Roum, Papal States
Dee'd8 Mey 1707 (aged 66)
Paris, France
Noble faimilyHouse of Mancini
Spoose(s)Diane Gabrielle Damas
Diane Gabrielle, Princess of Chimay
Philippe Jules François, Duke o Nevers
Diane Adélaïde, Duchess o Estrées
Jacques Hippolyte, Marquis Mancini
FaitherLorenzo Mancini
MitherGirolama Mazzarini
Crown of a Duke of France.svg
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Philippe Jules Mancini, Duke o Nevers (26 Mey 1641 - 8 Mey 1707) wis an Italian nobleman an a nephew o cardinal Mazarin. He wis a brither o the Coontess o Soissons as well as the Duchess o Bouillon. He wis also a lover o Philippe o Fraunce, Duke o Orléans, "Monsieur". He inherited his stitle frae his uncle which wis then passed down tae his son Philippe Jules Mancini.

Background[eedit | eedit soorce]

Born in Roum in 1641, he wis baptised as Filippo Giulio Mancini. He an his siters were invited to live in Fraunce bi their uncle Cardinal Mazarin, himsel the chief Meenister o Keeng Louis XIII o Fraunce.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1670 he mairit Diane Gabrielle Damas, dochter o Gabrielle de Rochechouart, "Marquise o Thianges" and niece of Keeng Louis XIV's mistress, Madame de Montespan. They haed six childer, including:

Childer[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Diane Gabrielle Victoire Mancini (1672–1716), who married Charles Louis Antoine de Hénin-Liénard, Prince o Chimay.
  2. Philippe Jules François Mancini (1676–1769) Prince o Vergagne, an Duke o Nevers.
  3. Diane Adélaïde Philippe Mancini (1687–1747), who married Louis Armand, Duke o Estrées.
  4. Jacques Hippolyte Mancini, Marquis Mancini (1690–1759), who in 1719 mairit Anne Louise de Noailles (dochter o Anne Jules de Noailles, Duke o Noailles) an haed childer.

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