Frederick William I o Proushie

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Frederick William I
Friedrich Wilhelm I 1713.jpg
Portrait bi Samuel Theodor Gericke (1713)
Keeng in Proushie
Elector o Brandenburg
Ring 25 Februar 1713 – 31 Mey 1740
Predecessor Frederick I
Successor Frederick II
Born 14 August 1688(1688-08-14)
Berlin, Proushie
Dee'd 31 Mey 1740(1740-05-31) (aged 51)
Berlin, Proushie
Buirial Sanssouci, Potsdam
Spouse Sophia Dorothea o Hanover
Hoose Hoose o Hohenzollern
Faither Frederick I
Mither Sophia Charlotte o Hanover
Releegion Calvinism
Seegnatur Frederick William I's signature

Frederick William I (German: Friedrich Wilhelm I) (14 August 1688 – 31 Mey 1740), kent as the 'Soldier Keeng,'[1] wis the Keeng in Proushie an Elector o Brandenburg frae 1713 till his daith.

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