Frank País

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Frank País
Born7 December 1934(1934-12-07)
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Dee'd30 Julie 1957(1957-07-30) (aged 22)
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Kent forInvolvement in the Cuban Revolution

Frank País (7 Dizember 1934 – 30 Julie 1957) wis a Cuban revolutionar who campaigned for the owerthrow o General Fulgencio Batista's government in Cuba. País wis the urban coordinator o the 26t o Julie Movement, an wis a key organizer athin the urban unnergrund muivement, collaboratin wi Fidel Castro's guerrilla forces which wur conductin activities in the Sierra Maestra muntains.[1] País wis killed in the streets o Santiago de Cuba bi the Santiago polis on 30 Julie 1957.[2][3]

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