François Bozizé

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François Bozizé
Bozizé in October 2007
4t Preses o the Central African Republic
In office
15 Mairch 2003 – 24 Mairch 2013
Prime MeenisterAbel Goumba
Célestin Gaombalet
Élie Doté
Faustin-Archange Touadéra
Nicolas Tiangaye
Vice PresesAbel Goumba
Precedit biAnge-Félix Patassé
Succeedit biMichel Djotodia
Personal details
BornFrançois Bozizé Yangouvonda
(1946-10-14) 14 October 1946 (age 77)
Mouila, French Equatorial Africae
(nou Mouila, Gabon)
Poleetical pairtyIndependent
Spoose(s)Monique Bozizé

François Bozizé Yangouvonda (born 14 October 1946) is a Central African politeecian who wis the Preses o the Central African Republic frae 2003 tae 2013.

Bozizé rose tae acome a heich-rankin airmy afficer in the 1970s, unner the rule o Jean-Bédel Bokassa. Efter Bokassa wis ousted, Bozizé served in the govrenment as Meenister o Defence frae 1979 tae 1981 an as Meenister o Information frae 1981 tae 1982. He participatit in a failed 1982 coup attempt against Preses André Kolingba an subsequently fled the kintra. Years later, he served as Airmy Chief o Staff unner Preses Ange-Félix Patassé, but he began a rebellion against Patassé in 2001.

Bozizé's forces captured Bangui in Mairch 2003, while Preses Ange-Félix Patassé wis ootside the kintra, an Bozizé teuk pouer, usherin in a transeetional period o govrenment. He wan the Mairch–Mey 2005 presidential election in a seicont roond o votin, an he wis re-electit in the Januar 2011 presidential election, winnin the vote in the first roond.

In December 2012, the CAR wis plunged intae an uprisin bi rebel forces who condemned the Bozizé govrenment for nae honorin peace agreements efter the Central African Republic Bush War in 2007. On 24 Mairch 2013, Bozizé fled tae Cameroon via the Democratic Republic o the Congo efter the rebel forces attacked the caipital ceety o Bangui an teuk control o the presidential palace.[1][2]

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