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Florence Devouard

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Florence Devouard
Florence Devouard
Chair o the Wikimedia Foondation
In office
21 October 2006 – 17 Julie 2008
Precedit biJimmy Wales
Succeedit biMichael Snow
Personal details
Born (1968-09-10) 10 September 1968 (age 55)
Versailles, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Bertrand Devouard
ThriftConsultant in Internet Communication Strategy, Chair Emeritus o the Wikimedia Foondation

Florence Jacqueline Sylvie Devouard, née Nibart (born 10 September 1968) wis the Chair o the Buird o Trustees o the Wikimedia Foondation atween October 2006 an Julie 2008, succeedin Jimmy Wales.[1]

Devouard wis born in Versailles, France. She grew up in Grenoble an studiet in Nancy, an later livit in Antwerp in Belgium an in Arizona in the Unitit States. She resides in the veelage o Malintrat, near the ceety of Clermont-Ferrand in France. She haed a maister's degree in agronomy.[2]

Devouard became active on Wikipaedia when she wis a hoosewife an takkin care o twa childer.[2][unreliable soorce?]Template:Vs She jynt the buird o Wikimedia Foondation in Juin 2004 an wis a founder of Wikimedia France in October 2004. She haes servit on the Advisory Buird o the Foundation syne Julie 2008. On 9 Mairch 2008, she wis electit member o the municipal cooncil o Malintrat.[3] On 16 Mey 2008, she wis made a knicht in the French Naitional Order o Meerit, proponit bi the Meenistry o Foreign Affairs as "chair o a internaitional foondation".[4]

She is marriet tae Bertrand Devouard an haes three childer.[5]

Devouard hauds a ingineerin degree in agronomy frae ENSAIA. She an aa holds a DEA in genetics an biotechnologies frae INPL.[6][7] She wirkit in public research, first in flouer plant genetic impruivement, an seicont in microbiology tae study the feasibility o pollutit soil bioremediation. She wis employed till 2005 in a French firm tae design decision-makkin tuils in sustainable agricultur an nou is a consultant in Internet Communication Strategy. At times, she haes disagreed wi the notion o "verifiability, no truth" as the basis for biggin consensus via collaboration.[8][unreliable soorce?]

Co-founder o Wikimedia Fraunce in 2004, she is vice-chair o its buird as o 2011 till Dizember 2012.[9]

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Precedit bi
Jimmy Wales
Chair o the Wikimedia Foondation
21 October 2006 – 17 Julie 2008
Succeedit bi
Michael Snow