Fernanda Abreu

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Fernanda Abreu
Background information
Birth nameFernanda Sampaio de Lacerda Abreu
Born (1961-09-08) 8 September 1961 (age 61)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
GenresBrazilian funk, disco, pop

Fernanda Abreu (born 8 September 1961) is a Brazilian sangster.

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Fernanda wis born an raised in a middle-class faimily o the Sooth Zone, o Rio de Janeiro. Her first notable public appearance wis the backin vocal o the baund Blitz till 1986. Efter that, in 1990, she stairtit a solo career singin funk, disco an dance muisic, achievin great success in her native kintra.

In 1989, she met Herbert Vianna, an wi his help an encouragment formit a funk baund. Her first solo album, SLA Radical Dance Disco Club (1990), wis producit bi Herbert Vianna an Fábio Fonseca an haed a hit wi A Noite, composed wi Luiz Stein an Laufer Laufer. Her seicont album, SLA2/Be Sample (1992), wis ane o the earliest Brazilian pop records tae extensively employ the sampler, an haed success wi Rio 40 Graus,[1] componit wi Fausto Fawcett an Laufer Laufer, portrayin Rio de Janeiro climate, fowk an lifestyle. Syne then, Abreu haes been considered the first lady o Brazilian funk.[2]

In 2006, she released Ao Vivo MTV, the first DVD o her career, which includes mony o her hit sangs.[3]

Abreu is marriet tae the muisicker an designer Luiz Stein an haes 2 dochters, Alice an Sofia.

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