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A feid /ˈfjuːd/, referred tae in mair extreme cases as a bluid feid, vendetta, faida, beef, clan weir, gang weir, or private weir, is a lang-runnin argument or fecht, aften atween social groups o fowk, especially faimilies or clans. Feids begin acause ane pairty (correctly or incorrectly) feel itsef tae have been attackit, insultit or wrangit bi anither. Intense feelins o resentment trigger the initial retribution, which causes the ither pairty tae feel equally aggrievit an vengeful. The dispute is subsequently fuelled bi a lang-runnin cycle o retaliatory violence. This continual cycle o provocation an retaliation maks it extremely difficult tae end the feid peacefully. Feids frequently involve the oreeginal pairties' faimily members an/or associates, can last for generations, an mey result in extreme acts o veeolence. They can be interpretit as an extreme ootgrowthe o social relations based in faimily honour.

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