Fara, Kostel

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Fara is located in Slovenie
Location in Slovenie
Coordinates: 45°28′37.4″N 14°52′56.75″E / 45.477056°N 14.8824306°E / 45.477056; 14.8824306Coordinates: 45°28′37.4″N 14°52′56.75″E / 45.477056°N 14.8824306°E / 45.477056; 14.8824306
Tradeetional regionLawer Carniola
Statistical regionSootheast Slovenie
 • Total1.37 km2 (0.53 sq mi)
227.9 m (747.7 ft)
 • Total29

Fara (pronounced [ˈfaːɾa]) is a dounset on the left bank o the Kolpa River in the Municipality o Kostel in soothren Slovenie. The municipal admeenistration is based in the dounset. The aurie is pairt o the tradeetional region o Lawer Carniola an is nou includit in the Sootheast Slovenie Statistical Region.[2]

The local pairish kirk is dedicatit tae the Assumption of Mary an belangs tae the Roman Catholic Diocese o Novo Mesto. It is a muckle biggin wi a triple nave that wis biggit atween 1858 an 1864 in the Neo-Romanesque style on the steid o a earlier kirk.[3] A seicont kirk in the veelage is dedicatit tae Saunt Stephen an is a late 16t- or early 17t-hunderyear biggin that wis refurbished in the 18t an 19t hunderyears.[4]

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