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Stružnica is locatit in Slovenia
Location in Slovenie
Coordinates: 45°29′18″N 14°50′2.57″E / 45.48833°N 14.8340472°E / 45.48833; 14.8340472Coordinates: 45°29′18″N 14°50′2.57″E / 45.48833°N 14.8340472°E / 45.48833; 14.8340472
Kintra Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenie
Tradeetional region Lawer Carniola
Statistical region Sootheast Slovenie
Municipality Kostel
 • Total 6.39 km2 (2.47 sq mi)
Elevation 695.1 m (2,280.5 ft)

Stružnica (pronounced [ˈstɾuːʒnitsa]) is a smaw remote dispersed dounset in the hills abuin the left bank o the Kolpa River in the Municipality o Kostel in soothren Slovenie. It nae langer haes ony permanent residents. The aurie is pairt o the tradeetional region o Lawer Carniola an is nou includit in the Sootheast Slovenie Statistical Region.[2]

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