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Famagusta Destrict

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Map o Cyprus showin Famagusta destrict
Map o Cyprus showin the North Cypriot destrict o Famagusta

Famagusta District is ane o the sax destricts o Cyprus. Its main toun is the island's maist important port, Famagusta. The ceety o Famagusta is currently controlled bi the Turkish Republic o Northren Cyprus .

A destrict admeenistration in "exile" exists on the Republic o Cyprus controlled pairt o the island. This pairt o the destrict haes a population o 37,738 inhabitants (2001).[1]

Maist o the destrict haes been unner Turkish control syne the 1974 invasion. Stne then, the northeastren section, includin the Karpasia Peninsula, haes been admeenistered separately as the İskele Destrict, a diveesion no recognized bi the Republic o Cyprus.

Cape Greco, forby kent as Cavo Greco (Italian; Greek: Κάβο Γκρέκο "Greek cape"), is a heidland in the sootheastren pairt o the destrict. It is at the soothren end o Famagusta Bay. It is frequently visitit bi mony tourists for its natural beauty. It is a protectit costal nature pairk. Frae the heich points on the cliff that rests at the cape ane can view amazin sichts oot tae sea. Accordin tae local legend it is the hame o the 'Ayia Napa sea monster' an aa.


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  1. Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus (MS Excel), 2001 Population Census

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