Kyrenia Destrict

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Map o Cyprus showin Kyrenia destrict.

Kyrenia Destrict is ane o the sax destricts o Cyprus. Its main toun is Kyrenia (Greek: Κερύνεια, Turkis: Girne). It is the smawest o Cyprus' destricts, an is the anerlie ane fully controlled bi the Turkish Republic o Northren Cyprus, recognised anerlie bi Turkey. A destrict admeenistration in "exile" exists on the Republic o Cyprus controlled pairt o the island, near Ledra Palace, while the TRNC destrict haes a kaymakam, which is Savaş Orakçıoğlu at the moment.

Template:Destricts o Northren Cyprus Coordinates: 35°15′N 33°16′E / 35.250°N 33.267°E / 35.250; 33.267