FC Metz

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Full name Football Club de Metz
Elk-name(s) Les Grenats, Les Graoullys
Foondit 1932; 82 years ago (1932)
Grund Stade Municipal
(capacity: 26,700[1])
Chairman Bernard Serin
Manager Albert Cartier
League Ligue 2
2012–13 Championnat National, 2nt (promotit)
Wabsteid Club hame page
Home colours
Away colours

Football Club de Metz, commonly referred tae as simply Metz (French pronunciation: [mɛs]), is a French association fitbaa club based in Metz. The club wis furmed in 1932 an haes spent maist o its history in the Ligue 1, tho thay currently play in the Ligue 2, the seicont level in the French fitbaa league seestem. Metz plays its home matches at the Stade Municipal Saint-Symphorien locatit within the ceety. The team is managed bi Albert Cartier.

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