F. W. de Klerk

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De Klerk wi Nelson Mandela i 1992

Frederik Willem de Klerk (born 18 Mairch 1936; deed 11 November, 2021) wis the hindermaist Preses o apartheid-era Sooth Africae, serrin as Preses fae September 1989 tae Mey 1994. Forby, he wis the heid-ane o the Naitional Pairty fae 1989 tae 1997. He is aiblins maist weel-kent for ingineerin the end o apartheid, an makkin Sooth Africae a multi-racial democracy. He gat a jynt Nobel Peace Prize wi Nelson Mandela in 1993 for his role in endin apartheid. He is the hindermaist white man tae haud the poseetion o Preses in Sooth Africae tae date an aw.