Evan Harris

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Evan Harris
Evan Harris.jpg
Member o Parliament
for Oxford West and Abingdon
In office
1 Mey 1997 – 6 Mey 2010
Precedit bi John Patten
Succeeded by Nicola Blackwood
Personal details
Born 21 October 1965 (1965-10-21) (age 50)
Sheffield, Sooth Yorkshire
Naitionality Breetish
Poleetical pairty Liberal Democrat
Alma mater Wadham College, Oxford

Dr Evan Leslie Harris (born 21 October 1965) is an Inglis politeecian, an a member o the Unitit Kinrick pairlament at Wastmeinster, representin the Leiberal Democrat pairty. He represents the Wast Oxford an Abingdon consteetuency in the Hoose o Commons.