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Euterpe on the replica o a Roman mosaic in Vichten

In Greek meethology, Euterpe (/juˈtɘrpi/; Greek: Eὐτέρπη, Greek pronunciation: [efˈterpi], Auncient Greek: [eu̯térpɛː]; "rejycin weel" or "delite" frae Auncient Greek εὖ 'weel' + τέρπειν terpein 'tae please') wis ane o the Muses, the dauchters o Mnemosyne, faithered bi Zeus. Cried the "Gier o delicht", whan later poets assigned roles tae ilkane o the Muses, she wis the muse o muisic. In late Clessical times she wis named muse o lyric poetry[1] an depictit haudin a flute. A few say she inventit the aulos or double-flute, thou maist meethografers credit Marsyas wi its invention.

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