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Eshera is located in Georgia (country)
Location in Georgie
Coordinates: 43°2′26″N 40°56′9″E / 43.04056°N 40.93583°E / 43.04056; 40.93583
KintraAbkhazie,[1] Georgie
30 m (100 ft)
Time zoneUTC+4 (GET)

Eshera (Abkhaz: Ешыра; Georgie: ეშერა; Roushie: Эшера) is a village in the Sukhumi Destrict in the pairtly recognizit republic o Abkhazie,[1] considered tae be a pairt o Georgie bi maist UN member states. It is a climatic-balneotherapeutic resort on the Black Sea coast, at the richt side o Gumista river. Its altitude abuin sea level is aroond 30 m, the distance tae Sukhumi is 16 km. Ance a pairt o the Georgie SSR, Eshera is controlled bi the de-facto unthirlt republic o Abkhazia syne 1993.

The Abkhaz census o 2011 reportit that Eshera haed a population o 2,141. The ethnic makup wis 40.9% Abkhaz, 40.8% Armenies an 10.9% Roushies. Ither minorities includit Georgians (1.9%), Ukrainians (1.2%) an Greeks (0.6%).[2]

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    Abkhazie is the subjeck o a territorial dispute atween the Republic o Abkhazie an the Republic o Georgie. The Republic o Abkhazie declarit unthirldom on 23 Julie 1992, bit Georgie continues tae claim it as pairt o its ain sovereign territory. Abkhazie haes beein gien formal recognition as ae free state bi 7 oot o 193 Unitit Naitions memmer states (wi 1 later taen back).

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