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Erse-Scots is the name o the eithnic group in Scotland wha are o Erse origin. Maist o the Erse-Scots cam tae Scotland durin the 19t century acause of the Erse Faimin whit causit aroond 250,000 Erse fowk tae cam tae Scotland. Thay wuid cam tae Scotland in muckle nummers again in the mid 20t century lookin for wark as the Erse economy haed muckle unemployment. The nummers in whit Erse Scots hae cam tae Scotland are kenable in the nummer o Roman Catholics in Scotland. Roman Catholics were anely aboot 5% o the population o Scotland in the mid 19t century but nou adays thay mak up aroond 15% of the Scottis population. Awtho thare are aroond 800,000 Erse-Scots in Scotland verra few o them state thair eithnicity as Erse despite mony o them bein Erse naitionalists.

Celtic Fitbaw Club are maistly follaed bi Erse-Scots an were foondit bi them, thay are muckle rivals wi Rangers Fitbaw Club wha are maistly follaed bi the native Scots o the wast o Scotland. The Erse-Scots an native Scots hae haed fasht times parteecular in Glesga, this is maistly due tae the releegious an eithnic differences atween the twa fowks an the naitural tension atween natives an immigrants. Erse-Scots are maistly Roman Catholics an the native Scots are maistly Protestants, this difference is kenable acause o the unalike schuils in Scotland an is stelt bi the fitbaw rivalry atween Rangers FC and Celtic FC, an tae a smawer boond the fitbaw rivalry atween Edinburgh clubs Hert o Midlowden FC an Hibernian FC.

Sam famous Irish-Scots are Sean Connery, Tommy Sheridan an Billy Connolly.