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Connolly in 2006

Billy Connolly, CBE (borne William Connolly, Jr. oan 24 November, 1942, in Anderston, Glesga) is ae Scots comedian, actor, muisicker, an presenter. He is sometimes kent in his native Scotland bi the nickname The Big Yin.

In the early 1960s, Connolly's first trade was as ae welder (specifically ae boilermakker) in the Glesgae shipyerds, but he gave it up towards the end o the decade in favour o bein ae fowk singer. In the meiddle o the '70s, he chynged career again, this time becamin ae comedian, ae role in whilk he continues. He is alsae an actor, an haes appearit in sich picturs as Indecent Proposal (1993) an Mrs. Brown (1997), for whilk he wis nominatit fur ae BAFTA.

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