Ernst Ruska

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Ernst Ruska
BornErnst August Friedrich Ruska
25 December 1906(1906-12-25)
Heidelberg, Germany
Dee'd27 Mey 1988(1988-05-27) (aged 81)
Wast Berlin, Germany
Alma materTechnical Varsity o Munich
Kent forElectron Microscopy
AwairdsDuddell Medal an Prize (1975)
Robert Koch Prize (Gold, 1986)
Nobel Prize in Pheesics (1986)
Scientific career
InstitutionsFritz Haber Institute
Technical Varsity o Berlin
Doctoral advisorMax Knoll
Ernst Ruska constructit the first scannin electron microscope (SEM) wi his mentor Max Knoll

Ernst August Friedrich Ruska (25 December 1906 – 27 Mey 1988)[1] wis a German pheesicist who won the Nobel Prize in Pheesics in 1986 for his wirk in electron optics, includin the design o the first electron microscope.[2]

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