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Ernst Cassirer

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Ernst Cassirer
Born28 Julie 1874(1874-07-28)
Breslau, Silesie, Proushie
(nou Wrocław, Poland)
Dee'd13 Apryle 1945(1945-04-13) (aged 70)
New York Ceety, New York, U.S.
Alma materVarsity o Marburg
(Dr.phil., 1899)
Varsity o Berlin
(Dr.phil.habil., 1906)
Era20t-century filosofie
RegionWastren Filosofie
Notable ideas
Filosofie o symbolic forms
Ontic structural realism[1]

Ernst Cassirer (German: [kaˈsiːʁɐ]; Julie 28, 1874 – Aprile 13, 1945) wis a German philosopher. Trained within the Neo-Kantian Marburg Schuil, he ineetially follaed his mentor Hermann Cohen in attemptin tae supply an idealistic filosofie o science; efter Cohen's daith, he developed a theory o seembolism, an uised it tae expand phenomenology o knawledge intae a mair general filosofie o cultur. He is ane o the leadin 20t century advocates o filosofical idealism.


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