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Kintra Netherlands
Confederation UEFA
Foondit 1956
Nummer o teams 18
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation tae Eerste Divisie
Domestic cup(s) KNVB Cup
Johan Cruijff Shield
Internaitional cup(s) Champions League
Europa League
Current champions PSV (23rd teetle)
Maist championships AFC Ajax (33)
TV partners Fox Sports Eredivisie
NOS (Highlights)
2016–17 Eredivisie

The Eredivisie (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈeː.rə.di.ˌvi.zi]; "Honor Diveesion") is the heichest echelon o profeesional fitbaa in the Netherlands. The league wis foondit in 1956, twa years efter the stairt o profeesional fitbaa in the Netherlands. At the end o the 2012–2013 saison it wis rankit the aicht best league in Europe bi UEFA.[1]

The top division consists o 18 clubs. Each club meets ivery ither club twice durin the saison, ance at hame an ance awa. At the end o each saison, the club at the bottom is automatically relegatit tae the seicont level o the Dutch league seestem, the Eerste Divisie (First Diveesion). At the same time, the champion o the Eerste Divisie will be automatically promotit tae the Eredivisie. The next twa clubs frae the bottom o the Eredivisie go tae separate promotion/relegation play-affs. The play-affs are played in twa groups. Each group haes ane Eredivisie club an three heich-placit clubs frae the Eerste Divisie. In baith promotion/relegation play-aff groups, each club plays a hame-an-awa series wi the ither clubs. The winner o each play-aff group plays in the follaein saison's Eredivisie, wi the ither teams goin tae the Eerste Divisie.

The winner o the Eredivisie claims the Dutch naitional championship. AFC Ajax haes wan maist titles, 24 (33 naitional titles). PSV Eindhoven are next wi 18 (21), an Feyenoord follae wi 9 (14). Syne 1965, these three clubs hae wan aw except for three titles (the 1981 an 2009 titles went tae AZ an FC Twente wan the 2010 title).

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