Erdenet Mining Corporation

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Erdenet Mining Corporation (Mongolie: Эрдэнэт үйлдвэр) - mining corporation in Erdenet, Mongolie.

The ceety wis biggit in 1974 tae exploit Asia's lairgest deposit o copper ore an haes the fowert lairgest copper mine in the warld. The "Erdenet Mining Corporation" is a joint Mongolian-Roushie ventur, an accounts for a majority o Mongolie's hard currency income. Erdenet mines 22.23 million tons o ore per year, producin 126,700 tons o copper an 1954 tons o molybdenum.[1] The mine accounts for 13.5% o Mongolie's GDP an 7% o tax revenue.[2] Aboot 8.000 fowk are employed in the mine[3].

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Erdenet Mining Corporation

The ceety Erdenet an mill war biggit bi the Soviet technology wi the help o Soviet specialists. The discovery o copper ore Erdenetiyn-ovoo haes its ain history. Accordin tae legend, this place earlier in the Cheenese miners extracted copper, but during a storm, thay war struck bi lightning. Syne then, the moontain-Erdenetiyn ovoo war considered sacred, thay performed various rituals, tae the moontain tae climb even forbidden tae weemen.

Geological field studies Erdenetiyn ovoo began in the late 50s o the twentieth century. In the years 1958-59 during the geological survey unner the guidance o geologists an Batezatu Petrovich in Bulgan aimag Selenginskogo an geologists for the first time examined Erdenetiyn-ovoo, but if this object haes been rated as haein no practical value.

In the early 60's Mongolian naitional geological organization began tae actively cooperate wi the geological institutions o the European socialist countries, includin Czechoslovakia. The first joint Czech-Mongolian Geological Expedeetion wis established in Mongolie in 1962. The activity began tae carry oot this mission in Bulgan aimag Khubsugul an, in parteecular on the subject Erdenetiyn-ovoo.[4]

At this time, the expedeetion worked doctor, professor o geological faculty o the Prague State Varsity M.Kuzhvart, heid o the Mongol-Czechoslovak geological expedeetion in Mongolie M.Krauter engineer-geologist an heid o the geological department o the Central Geological Survey o the Council o Ministers o the MPR Dugersuren doctor. Then thay agreed tae stairt geological investigations at the site in 1964.

In 1963, Erdenetiyn ovoo within ane month o wirk geological inspection team led bi Soviet geologists Agamolyana an Ushakov. Then thay made the visual geological cairt o 1:25000 scale o the object, an passed several pits an trenches. As a result o thair wirk war estimatit probable reserves o copper ore in the amount o 150 million tons.

In the same year geological expedeetion led bi geologist Өlzy Mongolian-UTAS conducted geological wirk is based on the report o the auld established manufacturers an the laboratory that thare are reserves o copper.

In the years 1964-68 a joint Mongolian-Czechoslovak Geological Pairty held at the field-Erdenetiyn ovoo geological prospecting an prospect evaluation includin mid-an lairge-scale geological an geochemical surveying, an mining an drilling operations. As a result o these studies hae estimatit reserves o copper-molybdenum ores in the amount o 612 million tons on C2 category.

Efter completion o the joint Mongolian-Czechoslovak exploration pairty in this field haes remained Mongolian exploration wirk unner the direction o the pairty chief an chief engineer Tumenbayara geologist G.Sanduyzhava. This pairty is conducted preliminary exploration o the field, continued tae conduct mining an drilling operations, an technological studies o copper-molybdenum ores. As a result, reserves war calculated copper ores in the amount o 670 million tons o C1 + C2.

Then geological reconnaissance Bulgan aimag group headed bi Soviet geologists E.I.Martovitskim, V.S.Kalininym an Mongolian geologist Tumenbayarom spent here a deeper intelligence wirk necessary for the operation o the field within 20 month. Bi the hairst o 1972 the size o the deposit-Erdenetiyn ovoo thay estimatit in 2000, lenth, width 500-1500, depth o 400 meters.[5]

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