Embra Scuil o Medicine fur Weemen

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Plaque commemorating Sophia Louisa Jex-Blake's Medical School in Teviot Place, Edinburgh

The Edinburgh School of Medicine for Women (Embra Scuil o Medicine fur Weemen) wis fundit by Sophia Jex-Blake in Edinburgh, Scotland, in October o 1886, wi the uphaud o the National Association for Promoting the Medical Education of Women (National Association fur the Promuivin o the Medical Eddication o Weemen). Sophia Jex-Blake wis appointit as baith the Director an the Dean o the Scuil. The first class tae study at this Scuil consistit o eight students, the youngest o whilk wis nineteen year auld. Ootthrou its twal year in operation, the scuil wis strauchlin tae finn financial fundin fur tae bide appen.[1] A rival institution, the Edinburgh College of Medicine for Women, set up by Elsie Inglis wi the help o her faither John Inglis, attrackit several students o Jex-Blake, includin Martha Cadell an Grace Cadell. St Mungo's College an Queen Margaret College in Glesga forby acceppit weemen medical students an, whan the Scottish universities began tae dae the like, the Embra Scuil o Medicine cudnae compete ony mair.[2] The scuil shut doun in 1898. Ower the twal year that it wis aroon, the Embra Scuil o Medicine providit eddication tae thareaboot echty female students. Oot o thae echty students, therty-three completit the fou course o medical trainin at the Scuil while mony ithers chuise tae feinish thair eddication at ither institutions.[1]

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