Emanuel Swedenborg

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Emanuel Swedenborg
Portrait o Swedenborg bi Carl Frederik von Breda.
BornEmanuel Swedberg
29 Januar 1688(1688-01-29)
Stockholm, Swaden
Dee'd29 Mairch 1772(1772-03-29) (aged 84)
Lunnon, Ingland, Great Breetain
EddicationUppsala Varsity
Notable wirk(s)
Theological work
Tradeetion or movementLutheranism
Main interests
  • Theology
  • Science
  • Filosofie
Notable ideas

Emanuel Swedenborg (Aboot this soondSwadish pronunciation ; born Emanuel Swedberg on 29 Januar 1688;[1] dee'd 29 Mairch 1772) wis a Swadish scientist, philosopher, theologian, revelator, an mystic.[2] He is best kent for his beuk on the efterlife, Heiven an Hell (1758).[3][4]

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