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Elon Musk

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Elon Musk
Musk at the 2015 Tesla Motors Annual Sharehaulder Meetin
BornElon Reeve Musk
(1971-06-28) 28 Juin 1971 (age 53)
Pretoria, Transvaal, Sooth Africae
ResidenceBel Air, Los Angeles, Californie, Unitit States[1][2]
NaitionalitySouth African, Canadian, American
EddicationWaterkloof House Preparatory School
Pretoria Boys Heich Schuil
Alma materQueen's Varsity
Varsity o Pennsylvanie[3][4]
ThriftEntrepreneur, ingineer, inventor, investor
Kent forSpaceX, PayPal, Tesla Motors, Hyperloop, SolarCity, OpenAI
SellarieTesla Motors[5]
$78.2 million (2012)
$69,989 (2013)
$1 (2014)
Net wirthUS$12.2 billion (December 2015)[6]
TitleCEO an CTO o SpaceX
CEO an Product airchitect o Tesla Motors
Chairman o SolarCity
Co-chairman o OpenAI
Bairns6 sons (1 deceased)[8]
PawrentsMaye Musk (mither)
Errol Musk (faither)
KinTosca Musk (sister)
Kimbal Musk (brither)
SignaturElon Musk
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Elon Reeve Musk (Inglis pronunciation: /ˈiːlɒn ɹiːv ˈmʌsk/; born 28 Juin 1971) is a Sooth African-born Canadian-American magnet,[9][10] ingineer,[11] inventor[12] an investor.[13][14][15] He is the CEO an CTO o SpaceX, CEO an product airchitect o Tesla Motors, an chairman o SolarCity as well as co-chairman o OpenAI.


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