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Foondit2002; 22 years ago (2002)
FoonderElon Musk
HeidquartersHawthorne, Californie, USA
33°55′14″N 118°19′40″W / 33.920682°N 118.327802°W / 33.920682; -118.327802Coordinates: 33°55′14″N 118°19′40″W / 33.920682°N 118.327802°W / 33.920682; -118.327802
Key fowk
Elon Musk
(CEO an CTO)
Gwynne Shotwell
(Preses an COO)
Tom Mueller
(VP o Propulsion)
ServicesOrbital rocket launch
AwnerElon Musk Trust
(54% equity; 78% votin control)[1]
Nummer o employees
Est. 7,000[2]
(November 2017)
Footnotes / references

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, trading wi the SpaceX name, is an American aerospace makker an company fur space transport thit haes thair heid office in Hawthorne, Californie. Foondit in 2002 bi Elon Musk tae ettle tae tak doun costs tae travel tae space, that wid allou fowk tae bide on Mars.[7][8][9]

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