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Foondit2002; 18 years ago (2002)
FoonderElon Musk
HeidquartersHawthorne, Californie, USA
33°55′14″N 118°19′40″W / 33.920682°N 118.327802°W / 33.920682; -118.327802Coordinates: 33°55′14″N 118°19′40″W / 33.920682°N 118.327802°W / 33.920682; -118.327802
Key fowk
Elon Musk
(CEO an CTO)
Gwynne Shotwell
(Preses an COO)
Tom Mueller
(VP o Propulsion)
ServicesOrbital rocket launch
AwnerElon Musk Trust
(54% equity; 78% votin control)[1]
Nummer o employees
Est. 7,000[2]
(November 2017)
Footnotes / references

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) is an American aerospace manufacturer an space transport services company wi its heidquarters in Hawthorne, Californie, USA.

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