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Kintra Norawa
Confederation UEFA
Foondit 1937
2017–present (as Eliteserien)
1990–2016 (as Tippeligaen)
1963–1989 (as 1. Divisjon)
1948–1962 (as Hovedserien)
1937–1948 (as Norgesserien)
Nummer o teams 16
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation tae 1. divisjon
Domestic cup(s) Norse Cup
Internaitional cup(s) Champions League
Europa League
Current champions Rosenborg (25t title)
Maist championships Rosenborg (25 teetles)
Tap goalscorer Sigurd Rushfeldt (172 goals)
TV partners Discovery Networks Norway
Wabsteid NFF
Norsk Toppfotball
2018 Eliteserien

Eliteserien is a Norse pefaisional league for association fitbaw clubs.