Elias Canetti

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Elias Canetti
Elias Canetti 2.jpg
Born 25 Julie 1905(1905-07-25)
Ruse, Bulgarie
Dee'd 14 August 1994(1994-08-14) (aged 89)
Zürich, Swisserland
Thrift Novelist
Leid German
Naitionality Bulgarie, Breetish
Notable awairds Nobel Prize in Leeteratur
Spoose Veza Taubner-Calderon (1934–?)
Hera Buschor (m. 1971)

Elias Canetti (Bulgarie: Елиас Канети; 25 Julie 1905 – 14 August 1994) wis a German leid author, born in Bulgarie, an later a Breetish ceetizen. He wis a modrenist novelist, playwricht, memoirist an non-feection writer.[1] He wan the Nobel Prize in Leeteratur in 1981, "for writins merked bi a broad ootleuk, a wealth o ideas an airteestic pouer".[2]

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