Egon Bahr

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Egon Bahr
Federal Minister for Special Affairs of Germany
In office
Minister for Economic Cooperation
In office
Precedit biErhard Eppler
Succeedit biMarie Schlei
Personal details
Born18 Mairch 1922(1922-03-18)
Dee'd20 August 2015(2015-08-20) (aged 93)
Poleetical pairtySPD
ThriftPolitician, statesman, journalist

Egon Karl-Heinz Bahr (born 18 Mairch 192220 August 2015) wis a German SPD politeecian.[1] Bahr wis promotit bi West German Chancellor Willy Brandt tae serve as Secretary o the Prime Meenister's Office frae 1969 until 1972.

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