Eduardo Galeano

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Eduardo Galeano
Eduardo Galeano ltk (cropped).jpg
Eduardo Galeano in 2012
Born Eduardo Germán María Hughes Galeano
3 September 1940(1940-09-03)
Montevideo, Uruguay
Dee'd 13 Aprile 2015(2015-04-13) (aged 74)
Montevideo, Uruguay
Thrift Writer, journalist
Naitionality Uruguayan
Period 20th century
Spoose Helena Villagra

Eduardo Hughes Galeano (3 September 1940 – 13 Apryle 2015) wis a Uruguayan jurnalist, writer an novelist. His best-kent wirks are Las venas abiertas de América Latina (Open Veins of Latin America, 1971) an Memoria del fuego (Memory of Fire Trilogy, 1982–6).

Galeano deit in Montevideo, Uruguay frae lung cancer, agit 74."[1][2]

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