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Ceety o Edmonton
Frae tap left: Dountoun Edmonton, Fort Edmonton Pairk, Legislature Biggin, Law Coorts, Rexall Place, Heich Level Bridge, Muttart Conservatory
Offeecial logo o Edmonton
Nickname(s): The Big E, The Chuck, The Ceety o Champions, Deadmonton, E-Toun, Edmonchuck, Festival Ceety, Redmonton, River Ceety
Motto(s): Industry, Integrity, Progress
Edmonton is locatit in Alberta
Location of Edmonton in Alberta
Coordinates: 53°32′N 113°30′W / 53.533°N 113.500°W / 53.533; -113.500
Kintra Canadae
Province Alberta
Region Edmonton Caipital Region
Census diveesion 11
Established 1795
Incorporatit [1]
 - Town 

Januar 9, 1892
 - Ceety October 8, 1904
 • Mayor

Stephen Mandel

(Leet o umwhile mayors)
 • Govrenin body Edmonton Ceety Cooncil
 • Manager Simon Farbrother
 • MPs
 • MLAs
Aurie (2011)[2]
 • Ceety 684.37 km2 (264.24 sq mi)
 • Metro 9,426.73 km2 (3,639.68 sq mi)
Elevation 671 m (2,201 ft)
Population (2011)[2][3]
 • Ceety 812,201 (5t)
 • Density 1,186.8/km2 (3,074/sq mi)
 • Urban 960,015 (5t)
 • Metro 1,159,869 (6t)
 • Metro density 123.0/km2 (319/sq mi)
 • Demonym Edmontonian
Time zone MST (UTC−7)
 • Simmer (DST) MDT (UTC−6)
Postal code span T5A tae T6Z
Aurie code(s) 780, 587
NTS Cairt 083H11
GDP per capita C$39,675 (est. 2010)[4]
Median income (all census families) C$69,214 (2005)
Average income per hoosehauld C$98,857 (est. 2010)
Wabsteid Offeecial wabsteid

Edmonton Listeni/ˈɛdməntən/ is the caipital o the Canadian province o Alberta. Edmonton is on the North Saskatchewan River an is the centre o the Edmonton Caipital Region, which is surroondit bi Alberta's central region.

The ceety haed a population o 812,201 in the 2011 Census, makin it Alberta's seicont-lairgest ceety an Canadae's fift-lairgest municipality. This population represents 70 percent o the tot 2011 population o 1,159,869[2] within the Edmonton census metropolitan aurie (CMA), Canadae's saxth-lairgest CMA bi population. Edmonton is the northrenmaist North American ceety wi a metropolitan population ower ane million. A resident o Edmonton is kent as an Edmontonian.[5]

Edmonton's historic grawth haes been facilitatit throu the absorption o five adjacent urban municipalities, includin Strathcona, North Edmonton, Wast Edmonton (Calder), Beverly an Jasper Place,[6] an a series o annexations o surroondin rural lands til 1982.[7] Edmonton serves as the northren anchor o the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor[8] an is a stagin pynt for lairge-scale ile sands projects occurrin in northren Alberta an lairge-scale diamond minin operations in the Northwast Territories.[9]

Edmonton is a cultural, governmental an eddicational centre. It hosts a year-roond slate o festivals, reflectit in the nickname "The Festival Ceety."[10] It is home tae North Americae's lairgest mall, Wast Edmonton Maw (the warld's lairgest maw frae 1981 til 2004),[11] an Fort Edmonton Park, Canadae's lairgest livin history museum.[12] In 2004, Edmonton celebrated the centennial of its incorporation as a ceety.[13]

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