Edinburgh Napier Varsity

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Edinburgh Napier Varsity tairtan

Edinburgh Napier Varsity wis shapit in 1964 an cried for John Napier, weel-kent mathemateecian.[1] Napier Varsity haes fower main biggins the nou: Merchiston, Craighoose, Craiglockhart an Sichthill. There's mony smawer biggins forby. The heid bummer the nou is Leddy Joan Stringer, an the Chancellor is Tim Waterstone.

Napier Varsity's slogan is 'Nisi sapientia frustra' that means 'Ilka is uissless wioot knawledge'.

Napier Varsity is weel-kent for accoontin an law, an for studyin transport an timmer ingineerin. For picturs, Napier is pairtnered wi the Edinburgh College o Airt tae shape the Screen Academy Scotland. Promuivers o the Screen Academy includes Sean Connery, Brian Cox, an Leddy Judi Dench.

Nummers[eedit | eedit soorce]

Edinburgh Napier has 14,850 scholarts an 1,648 wirkers. The Varsity earns £70 million ilka year.

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