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Accoontin is a the airt o creatin an communicatin financial information annent a business, company or firm tae ootside uisers sic as sharehauders an managers. This is usually in the form o financial statements that shaw in terms o money, hou muckle a businesses managers control.

The process o accoontin is vairy auld, wi some o the earliest coonts bein funnd in the Middle East that were ower 7,000 year auld. Thay were mainly uised then for notin crop growth an herd sizes for livestock. Sin then, accountin haes grown an developt inta a vast an complex aurie o knawledge wi rules an regulations an dizzens o perfaissional bodies across the world.


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The wird "Accoontant" comes frae the Inglis "Accountant", that in turn came frae the French wird "compter" meanin tae coont an Latin "Computare". The Inglish wird chynged, oreeginally bein scrieven as "Accomptant", but bein soondit athoot the "p". Efter a time, the wird wis chynged awthegither. The Scots wird wis taen frae the Inglis wird an chynged tae fit wi the wird "coont" that haed awready been devailopit.