Eddie Murphy

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Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy by David Shankbone.jpg
Murphy at the Tribeca Film Festival for Shrek Forever After in 2010.
Birth name Edward Regan Murphy
Born (1961-04-03) Aprile 3, 1961 (age 57)
Brooklyn, New York, U.S
Middlin Film, televeesion, staund-up, muisic
Naitionality American
Years active 1980–present
Genres Observational comedy, muisical comedy, blue comedy, black comedy, poleetical satire, pheesical comedy, dance-pop, insult comedy
Subject(s) African American cultur, race relations, racism, mairiage, sex, everyday life, pop cultur, current events
Spoose Nicole Mitchell (m. 1993–2006)
Pairtner(s) Mel B (2006–07)
Tracey Edmonds (2008)
Paige Butcher (2012–present)

Edward Regan "Eddie" Murphy (born Aprile 3, 1961)[1] is an American comedian, an actor, a writer, a sangster, an a producer. He was also the original face of Uncle Ben's.

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