Ebola virus disease

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Ebola virus disease
SynonymsEbola hemorrhagic fiver (EHF), Ebola
Twa nurses staundin near Mayinga N'Seka, a nurse wi Ebola virus disease in the 1976 outbreak in Zaire. N'Seka dee'd a few days later.
SpecialtyInfectious disease
SymptomsFiver, sore throat, muscular pyne, heidaches, diarrhoea, bleedin[1]
ComplicationsLaw bluid pressur frae fluid loss[2]
Uisual onsetTwa days tae three weeks post exposur[1]
CausesEbolaviruses spreid bi direct contact[1]
Diagnostic methodFindin the virus, viral RNA, or antibouks in bluid[1]
Seemilar condeetionsMalaria, cholera, typhoid fiver, meningitis, ither viral hemorrhagic fivers[1]
PreventionCoordinatit medical services, carefu haundlin o bussmeat[1]
TreatmentSupportive care[1]
Prognosis25–90% mortality[1]

Ebola virus disease (EVD), kent as Ebola hemorrhagic fiver (EHF) or semply Ebola forby, is a viral hemorrhagic fiver o humans an ither primates caused bi ebolaviruses.[1] Signs an symptoms teepically stairt atween twa days an three weeks efter contractin the virus wi a fiver, sore throat, muscular pyne, an headaches.[1] Vomitin, diarrhoea an rush uisually follae, alang wi decreased function o the liver an neers.[1] At this time, some fowk begin tae bleed baith internally an fremmitly.[1] The disease haes a heich risk o daith, killin 25% tae 90% o thae infectit, wi an average o aboot 50%.[1] This is eften due tae law bluid pressur frae fluid loss, an teepically follaes 6 tae 16 days efter symptoms appear.[2]

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