Ebola River

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Ebola River
Kintra Democratic Republic o the Congo
Lenth 250 km (155 mi)

The Ebola River, an aa commonly kent bi its indigenous name Legbala,[1] is the heidstream o the Mongala River, a tributar o the Congo River, in northren Democratic Republic o the Congo.[2]

In 1976, Ebola virus (EBOV) wis first identified in Yambuku, 60 mile frae the Ebola River, but Professor Peter Piot decidit tae name it efter the river sae that the toun wouldna be associatit wi the disease's stigma.[3] Thus, the river is eponymous tae the terms Ebola virus, Ebolavirus, an Ebola virus disease (uisually referred tae as simply "Ebola").[4]

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Coordinates: 3°19′24″N 20°57′38″E / 3.32333°N 20.96056°E / 3.32333; 20.96056