Drežniške Ravne

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Drežniške Ravne
Drežniške Ravne is located in Slovenie
Drežniške Ravne
Drežniške Ravne
Location in Slovenie
Coordinates: 46°16′8.15″N 13°36′26.62″E / 46.2689306°N 13.6073944°E / 46.2689306; 13.6073944Coordinates: 46°16′8.15″N 13°36′26.62″E / 46.2689306°N 13.6073944°E / 46.2689306; 13.6073944
Kintra Slovenie
Tradeetional regionSlovene Littoral
Statistical regionGoriška
 • Total15.9 km2 (6.1 sq mi)
569.7 m (1,869.1 ft)
 • Total153

Drežniške Ravne (Italian: Raune di Dersenza) is a dounset in the Municipality o Kobarid in the Littoral region o Slovenie.

The local kirk is dedicatit tae Saunt Matthew an dates tae 1511. The kirk itsel wi some o its furnishins wis damagit in an yirdquauk in 1998, but this revealed traces o late Gothic frescos on the waws an aw.[2]

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