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DragonForce ar an Inglis pouer metal baund frae Ingland. They ar kent for their twin guitar solos, speed an epic vocals an leerics.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

DragonForce wis stairtit in 1999 bi guitarists Herman Li an Sam Totman that played thegithir in a black metal baund cried Demoniac (an some ither extreme metal baunds) unner the name DragonHeart. Efter recruitin singer ZP Theart as weel as ither muisickers tae complete the baund, they pit oot a five sang demo cried Valley of the Damned in 2000 that wis at the tap o MP3.com's pouer metal chairt for mair nor twa year; wi the title sang bein dounlaid mair nor hauf a million times in the first few month. Shortl syne, twa o the oreegional members, Steve Williams an Steve Scott quat the baund tae form anither pouer metal act cried Power Quest. Efter the demo wis released, the baund haed tae chynge their name tae DragonForce, syne there wis awready a baund cried Dragonheart frae Brazil. The success o the demo managed tae win the baund a slot supportin Rob Halford on ane his UK tours. Efter being pickit up bi Sanctuary Records, they pit oot their debut album, Valley of the Damned in 2003, tae a wheen o creetical aclaim. Tourin awmaist wioot stoppin in support o baunds sic as Helloween an W.A.S.P as weel as heidlinin their ain shaws they teuk the album roond the warld an won ower a legion o new fans.

Their 2004 album Sonic Firestorm came wi a deeferant line-up as Adrian Lambert jynt on bass for tae replace Diccon Harper an Dave Mackintosh wis taen on as drummer for tae replace Didier Almouzni. The album haed mair better production nor Valley of the Damned an saw the baund growe in popularity ance mair as they toured the warld in support o the new record, wi support frae Angra an Mendeed. Sonic Firestorm is in muckle the same style as Valley of the Damned, but some o the scrievin is mair progressive, especially the sang Soldiers of the Wasteland .

In 2005, juist afore the tourin for Sonic Firestorm haed endit, Adrian Lambert quat the baund for tae spend mair time wi his young son (tho he later revealed in an interview that he haed quat due tae muisical deeferences wi Totman an Li) an wis replaced bi Frédéric Leclercq, a lang time freend o Li, that wis made a permanent member o the baund efter the tour haed endit. No lang efter that, DragonForce jynt Roadrunner Records in the Unitit Kinrick, Fraunce, Australia an New Zealand, that pit oot their third an tae date maist commercially successfu album, Inhuman Rampage in Januar 2006.

Efter gaun aboot the yird three times for tae promote that album, the baund will tour ance mair wi Trivium, Arch Enemy an Machine Head in the Black Crusade Tour afore remixin their debut album, Valley of the Damned for re-release an efter that gang tae the studios ance mair for the recordin o album number fower.

Muisical Chairacteristics[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Pittin a wheen o emphasis on fast, twin guitar harmonies.
  • Tappin solos on guitar is gey common.
  • Leerics o a fantasy/ epic natur (tho less sae on the Inhuman Rampage album).
  • Uisin bakgrund queiral liltin ootthrou sangs.
  • Leerically an muisically upliftin owerwirds.
  • Melodies an guitar noises tiftit bi video gemmes.

Tho the baund taks their muisicianship sairious, they dinna tak their fantasy relatit leerical themes as close tae hert as some ither baunds sic as Manowar or Rhapsody of Fire daes.

Lineup[eedit | eedit soorce]

Current Members[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Herman Li - Lead / Rhythm Guitars an Backin Vocals
  • Sam Totman - Lead / Rhythm Guitars an Backin Vocals
  • Dave Mackintosh - Drums an Backin Vocals
  • Frédéric Leclercq - Bass Guitar an Backin Vocals
  • Vadim Pruzhanov - Keybuirds
  • Marc Hudson - Lead Vocals
  • Steve Terrybery - Triangle Player

Umwhile Members[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • ZP Theart - Lead Vocals
  • Adrian Lambert - Bass Guitar an Backin Vocals
  • Diccon Harper - Bass Guitar
  • Didier Almouzni - Drums
  • Clive Nolan - Keybuirds an Backin Vocals
  • Steve Williams - Keybuirds
  • Steve Scott - Bass Guitar

Albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Valley of the Damned (2003)
  • Sonic Firestorm (2004)
  • Inhuman Rampage (2006)
  • Ultra Beatdown (2008)
  • The Power Within (2012)
  • Maximum Overload (2014)
  • Reaching into Infinity (2017)
  • Extreme Power Metal (2019)

Fremmit Airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]