Don Foster

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The Richt Honourable
Don Foster
Don Foster MP December 2007.JPG
Government Deputy Chief Whip in the Hoose o Commons
Liberal Democrats Chief Whip
Comptroller o the Household
In office
7 October 2013 – 11 Mey 2015
Prime Meenister David Cameron
Preceded by Alistair Carmichael
Succeeded by Anne Milton
Parliamentary Unner-secretar o State for Communities an Local Govrenment
In office
4 September 2012 – 7 October 2013
Leader David Cameron
Preceded by Andrew Stunell
Succeeded by Stephen Williams
Member o Pairlament
for Bath
In office
9 Aprile 1992 – 30 Mairch 2015
Preceded by Chris Patten
Succeeded by Ben Howlett
Majority 11,883 (25.2%)
Personal details
Born 31 Mairch 1947 (1947-03-31) (age 68)
Preston, Lancashire, Ingland
Naitionality Breetish
Poleetical pairty Liberal Democrats
Spoose(s) Victoria Pettegree
Bairns Ane son, ane dauchter
Alma mater Keele Varsity
Wabsteid Don Foster MP

Donald Michael Ellison Foster (born 31 Mairch 1947) is an Inglis politeecian, an a member o the Unitit Kinrick pairlament at Wastmeinster, representin the Leiberal Democrat pairty. He represents the Bath consteetuency in the Hoose o Commons.