Domenico Ghirlandaio

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Domenico Ghirlandaio
Pala degli innocenti, ghirlandaio, autoritratto, dettaglio.jpg
Supposed sel-portrait, frae Adoration of the Magi, 1488
Born Domenico di Tommaso Curradi di Doffo Bigordi
Florence, Italy
Died 11 Januar 1494(1494-01-11) (aged 45)
Florence, Italy (buried in the Basilica o Santa Maria Novella)
Naitionality Italian
Kent for Penter
Notable wirk(s) Pentins in: Kirk o Ognissanti, Palazzo Vecchio, Santa Trinita, Tornabuoni Chapel in Florence an Sistine Chapel, Roum
Muivement Italian Renaissance

Domenico Ghirlandaio (Italian: [doˈmeːniko ɡirlanˈdaːjo]; 1449 – 11 Januar 1494) wis an Italian Renaissance penter born in Florence. Ghirlandaio wis pairt o the so-cried "third generation" o the Florentine Renaissance, alang wi Verrocchio, the Pollaiolo brithers an Sandro Botticelli. Ghirlandaio led a lairge an efficient wirkshop that includit his brithers Davide Ghirlandaio an Benedetto Ghirlandaio, his brither-in-law Bastiano Mainardi frae San Gimignano, an later his son Ridolfo Ghirlandaio.[1] Mpny apprentices passed throu Ghirlandaio's wirkshop, includin the famous Michelangelo.[1] Ghirlandaio's pairteecular talent lay in his ability tae posit depictions o contemporary life an portraits o contemporary fowk within the context o releegious narratives, bringin him great popularity an mony lairge commissions.[2]

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