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Entry point intae the Republic o San Marino in Dogana
Borders atween Italy an San Marino at Dogana

Dogana is a toun in the north-eastren corner o San Marino in the Serravalle municipality (castle). The toun is the maist populatit settlement in the republic.


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The toun is situatit at the northrenmaist point o San Marino efter Falciano, close tae the borders wi Italy (at Cerasolo, a civil parrish o Coriano, in the province o Rimini).


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It haes a population o roughly 7,000. Due tae its size, in 2006 it haes asked tae split away frae Serravalle an become its awn castello, but in 2007 the proposal wis refused. A partial autonomy is representit in that Dogana haes its awn postal code (47891), while the rest o Serravalle is 47899.


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Dogana is the main entry point for travellers arrivin intae San Marino frae Italy (bi freeway no. 72 frae Rimini). Although Dogana means customs house in Italian, there are nae border formalities onywhere on the border atween Italy an San Marino, so the motorists may stop in Dogana ae tae shop at ane o its shoppin malls.

The local fitbaa team is the Juvenes.

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