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A.C. Juvenes/Dogana

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Full nameAssociazione Calcio Juvenes/Dogana
GroundStadio Olimpico,
Serravalle, San Marino
Ground Capacity7000
ChairmanDon Giuseppe Innocentini
LeagueCampionato Sammarinese di Calcio

A.C. Juvenes/Dogana is a Sanmarinese fitbaw club, based in Dogana, ceevil pairish o Serravalle. The club wis foondit in 2000 efter the merger o S.S. Juvenes (named efter a historical side in San Marino) an G.S. Dogana. Till saison 2006/07 Juvenes/Dogana wis the anerlie team tae play in baith Sanmarinese an Italian leagues, takin pairt in the Girone A o Campionato Sammarinese an in the Italian amateur levels, but it haes syne retired frae the Italian leagues.[1] The team's colours are licht blue, reid an white.


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S.S. Juvenes: 1965, 1968, 1976, 1978, 1984
G.S. Dogana: 1977, 1979
A.C. Juvenes/Dogana: 2009


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