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In phonetics, a diphthong (Greek δίφθογγος, "diphthongos", meanin wi twa soonds) is a the gaun-thegither o twa vouels, for ordinar wi a swith but sliddery muivement fae the tae vouel tae the tither, aft interpret bi listeners as a single vouel soond or phoneme. Altho "pure" vouels, or monophthongs, is hauden tae hae the ae tairget tongue poseetion, diphthongs haes a muivin tongue. Pure vouels is pitten ower in the Internaitional Phonetic ABC wi the ae seembol. For example the <i> in whit [ʍɪt] or [ʍʌt]

Diphthongs is pitten ower wi twa seembols, for example the <y> in wynd [wəind]. Here the twa vouel seembols is mynt tae shaw the ewest beginnin an endin tongue poseetions.

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