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Didsbury Village 20-02-2005.jpg

Didsbury is a suburb in Manchester in north-wast Ingland. It is aboot sax mile sooth o the mids o Manchester lyin on baith sides o the gate sooth tae Wilmslow. The airt is maistly populate bi collegianers an the commonality's families an is hiechly socht in the haudin mercat.

The area is spleet intae the twa wairds o Manchester Ceity Cooncil Didsbury Aest an Didsbury Wast.

The area is for ordnar conseidered ti be atween the River Mersey tae the south, Princess Parkway tae the wast, Kingsway tae the east, and Lapwing Lane/Fog Lane tae the north. Bi wey o the 2001 Census, Didsbury haed a population o 14,292. O this figure, 87.64% recognise thairsels as White, 7.77% as Asian/Asian British, 1.28% Bleck/Bleck British, and 1.26% as Chinese or anither ethnic minoritie.