Demographics o Unitit Kinrick

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See forby: Demography o Ingland; Demography an poleetics o Northren Ireland; Demography o Scotland; Demography o Wales

Accordin tae the 2001 census, the Unitit Kinrick's population wis 58,789,194 - the third-lairgest in the European Union (ahint Germany an metropolitan Fraunce) an the 21st-lairgest in the warld. Its hail population density is ane o the heichest in the warld. Awmaist ae-third o the population leeves in Ingland's sootheast an is foremaist urban an suburban, wi aboot 7.7 million in the caipital o Lunnon. The Unitit Kinrick's heich leeteracy rate (99%) is endue tae universal public eddication introduced for the primary level in 1870 an seicondary level in 1900 (cep in Scotland whaur it wis introduced in 1696.[1] Eddication is compulsory frae the ages o 5 tae 16. Aboot ae-fift o Breetish students gangs on tae post-secondary eddication (18+). The Kirk o Ingland an the Kirk o Scotland functions as the offeecial naitional kirks in thair respective kintras, but the major releegions fund in the warld is representit in the Unitit Kinrick.

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