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Scots[eedit soorce]

Birds biggin a nest
A wasp biggin a byke

Etymologie[eedit soorce]

Frae Auld Norse byggja (bide in, big).[1]

Pronunciation[eedit soorce]

IPA(Whit's this?): /bɪg/[1]

Spellin variants[eedit soorce]

  • big
  • bigg

Verb[eedit soorce]

big (third-person singular simple present bigs, present participle biggin, simple past biggit or bug, past participle biggit or buggen)

[1] (transitive) tae construct a structur sic as a biggin or a brig
(Doric) The magistrates biggit three gibbets, ane at Brig o Dee, ane at the merket cross, tither at the herbor.
Sheena Blackhall: A Fettercairn Loon[2]
[2] (transitive, anent birds) tae pit thegither a nest redd up fur tae hatch eggs
[3] (transitive, anent insects) tae pit thegither a byke
The bumbees bug their byke in ma shed.
[4] (transitive) tae dae a fire
[5] (transitive) tae stack hay etc. on ilka-aither

Conjugation[eedit soorce]

Conjugation o big
Infinite forms
infinitive (fir tae) big
present participle biggin
past participle biggit, buggen[3]
Finite forms
  simple present narrative present simple past
first-person singular A big, bigs[N 1] bigs biggit, bug[3]
seicont-person singular ye/you
seicont-person sg. intimate[N 2] du/thoo bigs
third-person singular he/she/(h)it bigs
first-person plural we big, bigs[N 1]
seicont-person plural yese/youse
seicont-person pl. collective[N 3] awyese/awyouse
third-person plural thay big, bigs[N 1]
  1. a b c Gin the Northern Subject Rule is uised.
  2. Intimate form uised in Shetland (du) an Orkney (thoo).
  3. Awyese/awyouse is fur whan ye'r referin tae a hale collective o fowk insteid o multiple fowk individual-like.
    For exemple, askin "Are yese awa?" will gie ye different repones fae different fowk, whaur "Are awyese awa?" will git ye ae repone fae somebody representin 'e hale boorach.

Derived terms[eedit soorce]

In ither leids[eedit soorce]

  • Scots Gaelic: togalachd
  • German: bauen
  • Inglis: build, construct
  • Italian: costruire

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