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Lebanon- Dbayeh Highway.jpg

Dbayeh (Arabic: ضبية‎) , is a town located on the Mediterranean Sea in the Matn Destrict, Mount Lebanon Govrenorate, between Beirut the capital of Lebanon, and Jounieh (a touristic port), and the population (18,000) is christian exluding some Gulf Arabs Muslims who reside in Dbayeh during the summer (50 m - 12 km frae Beirut)

The "Dog River" cuts through Dbayeh, a small town that lees at the fuit o Munt Lebanon. The aurie surroondin the river is historically significant whaur invadin civilizations carvit their presence intae the rocks alang its banks. Dbayeh is no far frae Jounieh an is currently witnessin touristic an commercial development pairticularly alang its shoreline.

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